1 | North tower

The tower spire (reconstructed in 2007 in its historic form) offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Lower Rhine landscape.

2 | Castle

The castle houses the Museum’s art collection. Parts of the collection are displayed in changing presentations.

3 | Flower garden

The flower garden, a counterpart of the herb garden on the opposite side of the castle, blossoms in glorious colours throughout the summer months.

4 | Herb garden

The herb garden, built according to the Anholter-Moyländer Kräuterbuch from 1470, consists of 16 individual beds with more than 300 indigenous and exotic herbs.

5 | Museum restaurant

The museum restaurant on the ground floor of the old bailey offers food and beverages. From the terrace, you can enjoy views of the garden.

6 | Joseph Beuys Archive

The upper floor of the new bailey houses the Joseph Beuys Archive, with archival documents, letters, documents and media, etc. from and about Beuys.

7 | Museum library

The largest art library of the Lower Rhine encompasses a reference collection of over 60,000 publications and 26 current periodicals.

8 | Exhibition hall

In the exhibition hall on the ground floor of the new bailey, the Museum shows special modern and contemporary art exhibitions.

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