One of the main objectives of the Society of Friends is the purchase of artworks for the collection or Sculpture Park as well as photographs for the Joseph Beuys Archive.

Among these are seven photographs by Manfred Leve of the action ‘Sibirische Synphonie 1. Satz’ (Sibirian synphony first movement) by Joseph Beuys, a considerable number of Beuys prints and the statue of Nikolaus by the sculptors Elmar and Johannes Hillebrand on the back of the castle.

Further acquisitions

Tree-planting initiative

The castle grounds and their design are part of the Gesamtkunstwerk Moyland. For their 25th anniversary in the year 2012, the Society of Friends provided funds for the maintenance of the tree population, which suffered from the storms of the last years.

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Aesthetically significant solitary large trees had to be felled for reasons of traffic safety. These gaps were filled with seven large trees especially chosen to suit the park.


Blick auf die Ritterfiguren Richard Löwenherz und Gottfried von Bouillon

Figures of knights on the castle facade

Thanks to the support of the Society of Friends and other sponsors, the two figures of knights adorning the main facade of the castle building were reconstructed in their original historic form in 2007.

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These statues representing Richard Löwenherz (Richard the Lionheart) and Gottfried von Bouillon (Godfrey of Bouillon) were carved out of sandstone by Johannes Hillebrand, sculptor and stonemason from Bornheim.


Stahlskulptur Elkartu des baskischen Bildhauers Eduardo Chillida

ELKARTU – Eduardo Chillida

The purchase of this steel sculpture by Eduardo Chillida in 1990 made an outstanding contribution to the Sculpture Park in the historic garden complex.

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In addition to the Society of Friends, the Kulturstiftung der Länder (Cultural foundation of the German federal states), among others, helped finance the acquisition.


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