Past events

You can find examples of some of the cultural events offered by the Society of Friends to its members the last years below.

Excursion Kräutergärten-Netzwerk (August 2015)

Visit of a group from the Society of Friends in the herb garden of the cloister Kamp on 30 August 2015, during a tour to view gardens of the Netzwerk Kräutergärten am Niederrhein (network herb gardens along te Lower Rhine).

Joseph Beuys Research Prize (October 2014)

Every three years the Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation awards together with the Society of Friends of the Museum Schloss Moyland and the Volksbank Kleverland eG this research prize. Award winners 2014 are Dr. Marianne Wagner, Bern, Dr. Ulf Jensen, Berlin, Ole Valler, Kleve.

Lecture Joseph Beuys and Architecture (January 2014)

To mark the anniversary of Joseph Beuys’ death on 23 January, the art historian and Beuys expert Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zumdick presented his eponymous publication. The Museum accompanied the hitherto unpublished research with the exhibition from the collection KUNST. BEWEGT. 04 (ART. MOVES. 04).

Book of poems for 80th birthday (June 2013)

On 11 June 2013, Franz Joseph van der Grinten, who – with his brother Hans – ensured the creation of the Museum by donating their joint art collection, turned 80. The Society of Friends bestowed a special birthday surprise: a first, handsome book of his poems.

25 Years Society of Friends of the Museum Schloss Moyland (December 2012)

Within a formal ceremony the speakers were Bernd Neumann, Minister of State and Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media, as guest speaker, Hans Geurts, Chairman of the Society of Friends, and Adrian Baron von Steengracht, Donor.

Artist Günther Zins opens studio (October 2011)

On the occasion of the special exhibition "Günther Zins – Schwerelos. Zeichen im Raum" (2011), the Kleve artist Günther Zins opened his studio. He showed his filigree works of stainless steel, explained the ideas behind his works and demonstrated the welding technique he uses to assemble the objects.

Teilnehmer der Reise des Fördervereins nach Istanbul 2011

Art trip to Istanbul (June 2011)

For the second time, the Society of Friends conducted an art trip to the metropolis on the Bosporus Strait, Istanbul, for its members and other interested parties. The participants became acquainted with the lively contemporary art scene in Istanbul, for example with a visit to the museum of modern art. The programme also included traditional sights, such as the Hagia Sophia, the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the great bazaar.

Dr. Stefanie Heckmann im Gespräch mit dem Künstler Bernd Jansen in der Sonderausstellung

An evening discussion with the photographer Bernd Jansen (May 2011)

Some works by the Düsseldorf photographer Bernd Jansen, born in Bedburg-Hau in 1945, are part of the current special exhibition. In a conversation with Stefanie Heckmann he talked about his experiences when photographing Joseph Beuys and his artwork.

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