North Tower spire

"Beautiful views" from the observatory deck at the foot of the North Tower spire of Moyland castle: The ascent is a special experience for every visitor. At a height of around 32 metres, they can enjoy an incomparable view of the landscape of the Lower Rhine.

The architecture of the Neo-Gothic spire dates back to the redesign of the castle complex in the mid-19th century through the master builder of Cologne Cathedral, Ernst Friedrich Zwirner. The Society of Friends of the Museum Schloss Moyland, together with the state NRW, funded the reconstruction of the spire, which was destroyed during the war.

Warnings regarding the ascent

Ascent to the top of the tower takes place at the visitor's own risk! We recommend sturdy footwear. Please be aware that the ascent requires physical fitness. People who are afraid of heights or suffer from health problems are advised not to visit the observatory deck. All liability on the part of the Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation is excluded.

Nordturm des Schlosses

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