The international Beuys Centre Museum Schloss Moyland commemorated the 30th anniversary of Joseph Beuys's death with its digital campaign #beuysheute.

The campaign #beuysheute took place from 13.12.2015 until 23.1.2016 on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and the homepage of the museum. The hashtag is still active and plays a key role in the digital strategy that our museum is developing at present. #beuysheute offers the opportunity of participation and extends the scope of information on Joseph Beuys into the digital space, infinitely far beyond the walls of the museum. The aim is to offer low-threshold access to the art of Joseph Beuys, to give fresh impetus and to encourage dialogue. How can I approach the art of Joseph Beuys? What ideas and concepts have I discovered behind it? How do they change my understanding of art and my own view of the world?

Impetus – proactive thinking – thinking a step further

Joseph Beuys was an analogue networker and a media-savvy artist. It was through his immaterial masterpiece, Social Sculpture, that the notion of “sociality” entered the art world. Beuys even saw himself as a social medium. Communication itself was to become his essential artistic medium.

The project was developed in cooperation between members of the museum staff from the departments of Art Education and Marketing/PR, Nina Schulze M.A. and Sofia Tuchard M.A., and social media expert Anke von Heyl. 

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