Shamanisms in Contemporary Art

Six Positions from the East and the West

Special Exhibition

Through 28 February 2022

The exhibition is dedicated to contemporary artists who follow impulses of shamanic thinking and behaviour in their work. They shed light on the topicality of the thematic field of shamanism for contemporary artistic discourse, also in relation to society and ecology.

On view are installations created especially for the exhibition, as well as sculptures, works on paper, and films by Melanie Bonajo (b. 1978), Marcus Coates (b. 1968), Anatol Donkan (b. 1955), Unen Enkh (b. 1958), Lili Fischer (b. 1947), and Igor Sacharow-Ross (b. 1947). These include artists with cultural roots in Siberia and Mongolia who draw on the spiritual, artistic, and craft traditions and resources of their ethnic groups – the Nanai and the Mongolians.

They form a bridge between Beuys’s – now historical – preoccupation with the figure of the shaman and the present and at the same time reflect the current relevance of Beuys’s approach.