Natura Artis Magistra

Natural materials in contemporary art

23rd August 2020 to 15th February 2021

The theme of nature is highly topical in today's art discourse. The wide-ranging artistic engagement with the theme of nature is expressed, among other things, in works made of natural materials and in works inspired by nature - nature as art's teacher. The exhibition Natura Artis Magistra is devoted to such works of art.

In our day nature is mainly regarded as some thing that is threatened and in need of protection. Yet at the same time we intervene in nature so as to alter and shape it according to our notions and needs. Untouched nature has long since ceased to exist. On the other hand, there is a growing awareness that we human beings are ourselves part of nature. This insight imbues our engagement with nature with something existential. The artworks in the exhibition make the complexity of man's connection with nature aesthetically tangible in a way that is appropriate to our times. They highlight the beautiful and fragile but also the uncanny aspects of nature.

The exhibition includes nature prints by Anna Artaker, minimalist objects made from seeds by Angela M. Flaig, the installation Humus by Giuseppe Licari, with roots that appear to grow through the ceiling, and the installation Gone to Seed by Claire Morgan, from whom objects with taxidermized animals and drawings are also on view, as well as three installations with dried lotus fruits and silver leaf by Anja Maria Strauss and the floor piece ADAMAS (Diamond) by Elvira Wersche, made from coloured sand from many countries around the world.


Anna Artaker
Angela Flaig
Giuseppe Licari
Claire Morgan
Anja Maria Strauss
Elvira Wersche
Ilka Sulten


Exhibition flyer (PDF)

Claire Morgan, Gone to Seed, 2011

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