Florenz & Istanbul

19 February –20 August 2023

Based on the museum's collection, the exhibition examines the significance of nature and its fragile status in art from the 19th century to the present. Confronted with climate change, the extinction of species and the imminent loss of the basis of our life, nature, the explosive question of how man can serve the preservation of nature was already central to the life and work of Joseph Beuys and his contemporaries in the 20th century. With the arrival of the Anthropocene in the 21st century, these issues are more than ever in the focus of artists.

Environmental problems of our time must be viewed globally and, as far as possible, solved and/or contained collectively. This is why the exhibition brings together artists who look at these issues from different cultural backgrounds and perspectives, or who combine them. In the show, East and West, present and past enter into a sensually tangible, immersive and multi-layered dialogue.

At the same time, the show brings artists from Germany, the Lower Rhine region and the Netherlands into an enriching dialogue with those from Turkey and the Middle East. This east-western view of nature and landscape approaches the presentness of the theme of nature in art. In the process, it becomes clear that the question of the image of landscape is a political one. While classical images of nature, with recourse to the conventions of Dutch landscape painting, cling to the sublime nature, in contemporary representations on both sides it often becomes a problem carrier and the scene of human intervention.

Among the artists exhibited are Elisabeth Luise Andrae, Marwan Bassiouni, Burkhart Beyerle, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Joseph Beuys, Elmas Deniz, Wilhelm den Ouden, Ulrich Erben, Elger Esser, Fanny von Geiger-Weishaupt, Clara Joswich-Rodatz, Shila Khatami, Hanns Lamers, Emmy Lischke, David Roth, Yasam Sasmazer, Hermann Teuber, Martel Wiegand and many others.

A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

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