Isaac Chong Wai in Dialogue with Joseph Beuys

Das Ende des Wachstums / The End of Growth

Extended until 16 July 2023

In spring 2023, a new exhibition series will begin that will bring the large collection and the archival materials on Joseph Beuys into dialogue with younger international artists. The artists invited to take part will conduct research on site and create new performances, paintings, drawings and/or installations in the course of their artistic research on Beuys. The artist Isaac Chong Wai, born in 1990 in Guangdong, China, opens this format with an exhibition and a performance. In doing so, he responds to Beuys' material aesthetics as well as fundamental ideas such as growth, social transformation and the involvement of the audience in artistic processes. The artist, who works in Berlin and Hong Kong, represents a global perspective of both political and poetic interdisciplinary art. In this show, the problems of contemporary global society meet Beuys' utopian designs of the 1960s/70s.