For families with children, we make various suggestions for individual visits to the museum and the park. Events, diverse guided tours, and analogue or digital education tools make the visit a shared, positive experience.

Guided Tours

Our family tours are a special event for everyone. Torch-lit guided tours through the park in the evening and interactive Beuys tours take place regularly, offering deeper insight into the life and work of the artist Joseph Beuys.

Family Room

In the Family Room on the ground floor of the castle, there is space for playing, painting, and resting. A wooden model of the castle and books for various age groups invite visitors to take an art break.


Sarah Lampe M. A.
Arts education
Phone +49 2824 9510-62

Discovery Bag

A cotton bag filled with various utensils makes a visit to the park entertaining and extremely amusing for children and families.

Accompanied by Hasimir, the Moyland hare, there are all sorts of things to discover: Tasks, clues, and tips for exploring the castle park and herb garden. Included are a Hasimir pencil and the booklet "Look closely", which asks you to take a close look at the sculptures in the park and solve tasks. Young visitors can ‘take pictures’ without a camera using light-sensitive photo paper. And with the flower press, you can preserve blossoms, leaves, and other plant parts. The bag is available at the museum box office and costs € 12.50.

Adventure playground

In the so-called "little forest" at the back of the park, there is an adventure playground with tree houses, climbing facilities, flying fox and much more. The playground is a project of the Förderverein Museum Schloss Moyland e. V.


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