The Ensemble CRUSH is a formation dedicated to contemporary music and its performative expressions. The internationally represented members extend the classical Pierrot Lunaire instrumentation of flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano with accordion and live electronics. Their repertoire includes established works of 20th and 21st century music, for example by Grisey, Cage and Stockhausen, but their focus is on collaborations with composers and artists of our time. Of particular interest is, on the one hand, the unconventional programming, which is realised in a variety of ways, among other things, through the suspension of classical stage situations and the use of (live) electronics. The focus is on the relationship of the individual pieces to each other, which in sophisticated dramaturgical concepts result in an organic whole - like a multidimensional work of sound art in itself. 

CRUSH plays in a quartet formation with Kyusang Jeong, Marin Petrov, Pia Marei Hauser and Slavi Grigorov. 

Cost: 7 €, reduced 3 € (incl. admission).

The number of participants is limited, places will be allocated in the order of registration by phone +49 2824 9510-60 or

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Works by Claus Richter and Florian Hüttner 

with the Artistic Director Dr. Antje-Britt Mählmann

Claus Richter designed the work "Three Robbers" especially for Schloss Moyland. As if in stills from a film, participants can follow three life-size robber figures as they break in and rob the rooms of the castle (until 31 October 2022).

Daniel Maier-Reimer's art is travel, usually summarised in a single photograph. He usually leaves it to others to determine how his journeys and photos appear in exhibitions and publications. Museum Schloss Moyland shows the journey Apennines in Florian Hüttner's presentation with the installation "Bar Mezzogiorno" (until 15 January 2023).

Cost: €5 per person plus admission

With her artistic intervention in the chapel of Museum Schloss Moyland, Isabella Fürnkäs enters into a subtle exchange with the historically charged spaces of the museum: as a scholarship holder of the BERLIN MASTERS 2022 funding programme, the artist spent six weeks in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence as part of the Schliemann Residency, where she developed, among other things, the new video installation for the museum. With her site-specific multimedia installation, a room within a room is created on site, the opening of which takes the visitor to Tokyo. The artist will also be showing large-format drops made of her own hand-blown ruby glass, which open up an exciting dialogue with Georg Meistermann's windows.

Dr. Antje-Britt Mählmann
Artistic Director Museum Schloss Moyland

Isabella Fürnkäs

Afterwards we invite you to the "Bar Mezzogiorno" (installation by Florian Hüttner and Daniel Maier-Reimer).

Cost: Free admission

For the closing of the exhibition "Erwin Heerich – Sculptures, Drawings, Graphic Series" on the last day of the exhibition, Sunday, 16 October 2022 from 11:00 am, Museum Schloss Moyland offers guided tours and events for adults and young people.

To mark the 100th anniversary of his birth, Museum Schloss Moyland is showing the exhibition Erwin Heerich – Sculptures, Drawings, Graphic Series. Erwin Heerich (1922-2004) became known in the mid-1960s for his small and medium-format sculptures made of light cardboard. With these sculptures made of a material unusual in sculpture, he established his outstanding and at the same time unique position within concrete and minimalist art after 1945. Heerich developed the ideas for his sculptural works in precise drawings executed with pencil and ink. Later, he varied the sculptural forms he had developed many times in graphic sequences. It is above all the drawings and graphic sequences that reveal Heerich's creative imagination and his impressive spatial powers. In the exhibition, drawings, cardboard sculptures and graphic series can be viewed side by side.

Cost: Museum admission (€7, reduced €3), the programme is free.

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with the alternative practitioner Susanne Ewig

What has long been a recognised therapy in Japan is also finding more and more followers in Germany - forest bathing. Intensive observation, touching, smelling and listening, sharpening the senses and finding oneself. During a conscious walk through the Moyland Castle Park, participants get closer to the old giant trees and to nature.

The number of participants is limited, places will be allocated in the order of registration by phone +49 2824 9510-60 or

Cost: € 5 plus park admission

Special programme for school classes
The workshop is aimed at classes from the 3rd to the 6th school year. It is limited to 2 hours.

Design and creative writing with Alexandra Eerenstein and Renate Schmitz-Gebel on the artistic intervention by Claus Richter.

In the workshop, the participants are invited to use Claus Richter's installation "The Robbers" in small groups to give form to their imagination through both writing and painting. The installation serves as a low-threshold and motivating entry point and functions as an excellent stimulus to creativity, as it is experienced by the participants on site and in three dimensions. The two creative techniques reinforce each other positively and illustrate various possibilities for finding form.

Bookable dates: 15 September 2022, 22 September 2022, 20 October 2022, 3 November 2022
Costs: € 6.50 per student, accompanying persons free of charge
Information and booking: phone +49 2824 9510-62 or