The Museum Schloss Moyland Foundation cordially invites you, your family and friends to the opening of the cabinet exhibition Franz Joseph van der Grinten and his collection.

Admission is free.

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The panel discussion based on the exhibition Landscapes: Florence & Istanbul as part of the Long Thursday creates space for exciting perspectives on the topic of "Endangered Landscapes". To this end, representatives of various cultural fields will meet to discuss communal perspectives, modern resources and future questions on environmental policy.

A joint tour of the exhibition Landscapes: Florence & Istanbul with Artistic Director Dr Antje-Britt Mählmann will also follow at 6:00 pm.

Cost: 3 € per person (reduced museum admission) incl. free drink.

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for children from 6 to 10 years

After visiting the exhibitions Landscapes: Florenz & Istanbul and Johann Peter Heek: Landschaften, participants will go in search of clues in the museum's park and create their own landscape painting using things from nature.

Cost: 14,50 €, Museumskids 10,50 € incl. material and entrance fee

Binding registration until 12 June, 2023 at

Hortensien im Schlosspark

The hydrangea collection in Moyland Castle Park comprises more than 2000 plants of over 530 historical and current varieties. In addition to historical aspects, you will learn interesting facts about the use, husbandry, fertilisation and blue colouring of these special plants during the tour.

Hydrangeas have a long tradition in the Castle gardens of Europe. Their large flower balls made a lasting impression on the aristocracy when the woody plant came to us from Asia in the 18th century and later from the American continent. Hydrangeas are a symbol of gratitude, grace and beauty. 

Cost: 3 € per person plus park admission.

The number of participants is limited, places will be allocated in the order of registration at
If there are still free places, spontaneous visitors can also take part without registering.

Stück Kuchen und Tasse Kaffee

Look forward to coffee specialties as well as a high-quality selection of cakes, pies and other delicious dishes.

Opening Hours
Tue–Sun 11:00 am–6:00 pm 

Free access
All museum guests who also consume food and beverages in the café will have their park entrance fee refunded. The discount tickets are only valid on the day they are issued. Special events are excluded from this regulation.

Phone +49 2824 9510-35

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Schriftzug Quiz in weiß auf grünem Hintergrund

The app for adults, children and families is an educational offer with a high fun factor: Go in search of clues in the museum, explore the secrets of the castle, find out about our current exhibitions and events and test your knowledge!

There is free Wi-Fi in the museum. 
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